Readers Guide

By Yvonne olson

Children and Teens for May

We Hunt the Flame at the Library


The people of Demenhur are on the brink of starvation, their city covered in snow. No one knows who the Hunter is, but they are the only reason the people haven’t fully starved. Zafira worries if people learn that she holds the true identity of the Hunter, all of her achievements will be rejected. When she is summoned for a quest to find the lost jewel, an artifact that can restore magic to her people, the king sends his son Nasir after her. The two become reluctant allies when a new enemy poses a greater threat in We Hunt the Flame by Hafsa Faizal (YPF)


Millie is devastated when her best friend and kind-of girlfriend is caught kissing someone else. It’s the exact push Millie needs to go to a prestigious boarding school in Scotland. With her grades being good enough to go on scholarship, Millie jets off to her new life. In Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins, Millie meets her new roommate, Flora, an actual princess of Scotland who doesn’t want to be there. How far will Flora go to get out of school? (YPF)


Have you ever wondered what happens after the fairy tale ends? After cutting off her toes to fit the glass slipper and still not marrying the prince, ugly stepsister Isabelle must learn how to navigate her new life of chores and ridicule. When the fairy godmother offers her a wish, all Isabelle wants is to be pretty. In Jennifer Donnelly’s Stepsister, Isabelle must find the pieces of her heart she’s lost for her wish to be granted. (YPF)


Since the beginning of time, humans have sought out ways to better themselves and enhance their appearance. The quest for beauty has not been easy. From poisonous dyes to flammable clothes, Killer Style: the History of How Fashion Has Injured, Maimed, and Murdered by Serah-Marie McMahon teaches the history behind some of the most famous killer fashions. (JNF 391.009 McMahon)


Five years after the death of her marine biologist mother, Lucy wants a quiet summer with her best friend, Fred. When a great white shark washes onto shore, the two research it for an extra credit assignment. The Line Tender by Kate Allen is the story of Lucy’s journey towards understanding her mother’s research and overcoming loss. (JF)


The Library of Ever by Zeno Alexander follows Lenora, a girl whose parents are travelling the globe, leaving her with a nanny. One day, her nanny takes her to the library, where Lenora finds a portal to the Library of Ever. Sworn in as the Fourth Assistant Apprentice Librarian, she is tasked with travelling through space and time to find answers to questions while battling the evil that wants to destroy all knowledge. (JF)



Other recommended titles:

  • A Kind of Paradise by Amy Tan (JF)
  • The Rambling by Jimmy Cajoleas (JF)
  • Pilu of the Woods by Mai K. Nguyen (JNF 741.500)
  • You Must Not Miss by Katrina Leno (YPF)
  • The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad (YPF)
  • Pirate Queen: the Legend of Grace O’Malley by Tony Lee (YP 741.500)

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