Children's Room


Ms. Michaela
Children's Librarian
(865) 425-3459 

Children's Room Hours:
Monday - Thursday  10am - 7pm
Friday    10am - 5:30pm 
Saturday    9am - 6pm 
Sunday    2pm - 6pm 
The Library is closed on Sundays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend


Storytime in the Children's Room
The Children's Room offers storytime on Monday and Tuesday mornings @ 10:30am. 

Kids Can Read Away Their Fines in the Children's Room!
By reading books appropriate to your reading level, you can read away your old fines.

There are many opportunities per week for you to start to read away those pesky fines.  For each thirty minutes of attentive reading, you can reduce your fines by $1.00.  You need to see the children's librarian, Ms. Michaela, to schedule your reading time.  You need to be under 18, and read grade appropriate material.  When your reading is complete, the children's librarian will remove the correct sum from your fine.