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Zoning Ordinance
Pertinent Planning Documents  
Comprehensive Plan                                                             Comprehensive Plan
Housing Design Program Housing Design Program
Zoning OrdinanceZoning Ordinance
Sign Regulations    Sign Regulations Article (14) XIV
Landscaping and Design Standards   Landscaping and Design Standards Article (13) XIII
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Ordinance PUD Ordinance Section 9
Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) 2015-2020 Capital ImprovementProgram.pdf

Subdivision Regulations
Executive Summary Executive Summary
Table of Contents   Table of Contents
Article I. Article I
Article II. Article II
Article III. Article III
Article IV. Article IV
Article V. Article V
Table M2 Table M2
Appendices  Appendices

Planning Project Submittal Checklists
Preliminary Plats Checklist     Preliminary Plat Checklist
PUD Preliminary Master Plan Checklist     PUD Preliminary Master Plan Checklist
PUD Final Master Plan Checklist PUD Final Master Plan Checklist
Resubdivisions, Final Plats, Plats of Correction Checklist Resubdivisions Final Plats Plats of Correction
Site Plan Checklist Site Plan Checklist
Sketch Plan Checklist Sketch Plat Checklist
Tradditional Neighborhood Design (TND) Final Master (Sub-Area) Plan Checklist TND Final Master (Subarea) Plan Checklist
TND Master Plan Checklist TND Master Plan

Online Planning Applications           
Sign Permit Application Sign Permit Application
Temporary Sign Permit Application              Temporary Sign Application
Rezoning Application  Rezoning Application

Additional Plans  
Climate Action Plan                                              Oak Ridge Climate Action Plan
Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan
Waterfront Redeveloment Plan Waterfront Redevelopment Plan
Oak Ridge Community Guide to Living Green Oak Ridge Community Guide to Living Green

*This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality.

For questions regarding Commercial or Residential Building Permit Applications and Fees, call Tessa Powell at 865-425-3532 or email

For questions regarding Commercial Site Plan Review, Sign Permit Applications, and Commercial Zoning Information, call Andrea Kupfer at 865-425-3580 or email

For questions regarding the Residential Site Plan Review, Subdivision Regulations, Home Occupations, Census,and Residential Zoning Information, call Sherith Colverson at 865-425-3581 or email

For questions regarding Floodplain Regulations, call Matt Widner at 865-425-3584 or email

For questions regarding zoning of a particular property, call Alicia Bailey at 865-425-3531 or email


Available Maps and Publications

View available maps and publications for community development and code enforcement.