All building, electrical and plumbing permits must be obtained separately. Each permit application must be filled out completely.

Two (2) sets of site prints and two (2) sets of building plans must accompany building permits submitted. Small projects such as decks, residential additions, etc. can be hand drawn with sufficient clarity and detail to indicate the nature and character of the work. All commercial plans prepared by an architect or engineer shall be affixed with their name and address and/or their official seal.

 Permit Process
 Building Permit Application (Requires Legal Size Paper)  
 Electrical Permit Application 1-2 Family Dwellings
 Electrical Permit Application 3+ Family Dwellings & Commercial
 Plumbing Permit Application
 Mechanical Permit Application
 Chicken Coop Permit
 Temporary Banner/Sign Permit Application
 Sign Permit Application
 Temporary Use Permit Application 
 Residential Land Disturbance Application  
 Commercial Grading Permit

License Applications 
 Class I Mechanical License Application
 Class II Mechanical License Application
 Class I Electrical License Application
 Class II Electrical License Application
 Master Plumber's License Application

All building, electrical, and plumbing contractors must have the appropriate trades license in order to obtain permits in the City of Oak Ridge. The limited license for electrical and plumbing contractors issued by the State of Tennessee is not recognized by the City of Oak Ridge.

Building, electrical and plumbing contractors must have a business license as required by the City of Oak Ridge. Contractors in Oak Ridge are required to obtain a business license for all jobs that costs more than $3,000. Contractors from out of state are required to obtain a business license for all work performed in Oak Ridge. For more information about obtaining a business license, contact the City of Oak Ridge Utility Billing Office at (865) 425-3406.

Building, electrical and plumbing contractors must have a certificate of General Liability Insurance and a certificate of Workman's Compensation, with the Certificate Holder listed as: The City of Oak Ridge, PO Box 1, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0001. Also, a Letter of Authorization on company letterhead, signed by an officer of the company, listing the names of all employees authorized to sign permit applications for the company must be provided to the Code Enforcement office.

Homeowners may obtain a building, electrical and/or plumbing permit without having a Certificate of Insurance. The homeowner can only obtain electrical and plumbing permits when he/she is the owner and occupies the single family residence in question (see home owner affidavits that are required to be signed). The homeowner is encouraged to meet with the electrical inspector or the plumbing inspector before obtaining a permit. A homeowner may build one house every two years for their personal residence with a homeowner's permit. Proof of Workman's Compensation Insurance is required for single family units, or an affidavit for exemption must be submitted.

Commercial property owners or contractors may obtain a building permit up to $25,000 with approved plans. The commercial property owner and/or contractor must have general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. City-licensed electrical and/or plumbing contractors can obtain permits for commercial work up to $25,000. For projects over $25,000 the proper state contractors license is required, as well as proof of Workman's Compensation Insurance for all permits.  

Click here to download the Homeowner Permit Affidavit
To schedule an inspection call 425-3532 with the permit number and address. All inspections should be requested BEFORE 3:00 pm on the business day prior to the date of the inspection.  Someone should be on the job site at the time of inspection.

Oak Ridge Brochure Permits Inspections 

Inspections required
Footing - after footing is dug, but before the pouring of concrete.

Rough-In- Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing needs an inspection before the work is concealed or covered. The rough-in electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspections must be performed before the rough-in building inspection can be scheduled.

Final building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing need inspections after all work is completed.The final plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections must be performed before the final building inspection can be scheduled

Meter Set
Electrical power can be authorized to be turned on prior to a certificate of occupancy being issed, provided all requirements have been met. The City's electrical inspector can advise you of these requirements.  


Codes adopted by the city of oak ridge July 2018
2012 International Building Code
2012 International Plumbing Code
2011 National Electrical Code
2012 International Mechanical Code
2012 International Fire Code
2012 International Residential Code
2018 International Energy Conservation Code
2009 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities Code (ICC A117.1-2009)
Listed below are newly adopted codes 3/21/19 and will go into effect 6/21/19
2018 International Building Code
2018 International Residential Code
2018 International Plumbing Code
2018 International Mechanical Code
2018 International Fire Code 
2017 National Electric Code