City Council Goals

Resolution No. 02-10-2012 set goals for City Boards and Commission for the 2013 calendar year.  Below is a listing of those goals for each board.

Recreation and Parks Board
  • Re-design and configure the boathouse area along Melton Lake Drive to insure the placement and construction of a new Pavilion donated by UT-Battelle as a linchpin project of the Melton Lake riverfront
  • Begin planning process and community involvement process for the first Dog Park in Oak Ridge and obtain necessary approvals and recommending budgetary capital levels.
  • Incorporate the Bike-Pedestrian Plan premises into all Parks facilities
  • Develop planning for Playful City USA designation and integrate public input into community recreational events (i.e. Secret City, Earth Day, concerts, etc.)
Traffic Safety Advisory Board
  • Provide recommendations into the policy issue of Street Parking vs. Street “Storage”
  • Work with Planning Commission and develop recommendations and review requirements for required parking at “legacy” rental housing units
  • Examine accidents and accident severity in Oak Ridge and make speed and design adjustments accordingly
  • Determine a policy for incorporating traffic circles and traffic calming devices into the City’s transportation plans
  • Assist Chief of Police with regulations for neighborhood parking districts
Environmental Quality Advisory Board
  • Develop and help implement a progress reporting system for Climate Action Plan
  • Develop goals and system for salvaging portions of demolished structures
  • Assess potential options for fuel-efficient vehicles for the City fleet for incorporation into capital replacement program, including cost/benefits in emissions, capital purchases, and operational costs
  • Examine integration of City environmental goals and policies with the Greater Knoxville Metropolitan Planning Organization’s regional goals
  • Develop policy recommendations for free maintenance by residents along greenbelts and trails, identifying potential impacts on residents and making recommendations to the City Council
  • Advise the City Manager on plausible projects to incorporate into potential TVA “extreme energy makeover” project
  • Define acceptable levels of lawn maintenance in residential neighborhoods (i.e. “natural lawns” versus current standards
    • Provide input into Mayor’s Advisory Council on DOE / TDEC matters upon requestConduct environmental reviews, identifying potential impacts on residents and making recommendations to the City Council.
    Beer Permit Board
    • Examine and conduct periodic reviews of existing licensed facilities, utilizing calls for service information and other relevant information that will determine continued licensing
    • Review present licensing requirements and determine recommendations for approvals in redevelopment areas
    • Assess Board’s new requirements for beer sales at events and any corresponding impacts
    Board of Building and Housing Code Appeals
    • Assess impact of current rules and any modifications required to encourage resolution in Environmental Court
    • Conduct more regular and frequent review of housing repair and maintenance timetables as brought to the Board  via housing officials
    • Identify policies that are exceptions to the International Property Maintenance Codes and determine need to retain or return to the Code
    • Work with the EQAB Board on the policy governing “natural lawns” 
    Convention and Visitors’ Bureau
    • Invest in minor capital improvements for enhanced promotion during city events (i.e. directional signage to downtown restaurants)
    • Develop plan for addressing SMERF (social, military, educational, religious, and fraternal) markets in City
    • Increase sports marketing and support for sports events
    • Assist existing small business associations in creating market data for community promotion.
    • Enhance regional attendance at  Oak Ridge events and enhance coordination with regional counterparts
    • Develop an after-hours kiosk for visitor information
    • Conduct space needs analysis for the existing Senior Center, determining future use and size of future facility.
    • Conduct statistically valid survey of Baby Boomer retirement intents as pertains to the need for a senior facility.
    • Make contacts with senior community to determine assistance, needs and projects for neighborhood groups and volunteer groups, as well as a recycling program for elderly equipment such as walkers or wheelchairs
    • Assess transportation for elderly programs; identify necessary improvements or ordinance changes
    Highland View Redevelopment Advisory Board
    • Utilize HVRAB in directly targeting “Not in Our Town” campaign through defined approaches to use of obtained lots for new purposes.
    • Support the re-organization of neighborhood watch groups in the area through the Police and crime data available for the board.
    • Advise on policies that need adjustments in coming year to meet the goals of the Board.
    Oak Ridge Housing Authority
    • Conduct joint meeting with the City Council after Council Retreat to discuss partnerships and definitive directions with rental and public housing.
    • Assist in the identification of renters not operating in parameters of ORHA Administrative guidelines and coordinate with Oak Ridge Police Department.
    • Assist the City in coordinating with out of town housing authorities hosting Section 8 vouchers to tenants in our town.
    • Advise on the creation of new housing or controlling new units through the Housing Authority.
    • Support legislation for Community Land Bank.
    Oak Ridge Municipal Planning Commission
    • Examine the issue of housing congestion on smaller lots and cul-de-sacs of the City and determine its effect on city services, parking, spatial requirements for occupants and quality of life issues, while making appropriate recommendations.
    • Develop a simple, complimentary code for the Jackson Square area allowing residential and commercial uses to occur in a compatible manner as part of an urban streetscape development.
    • Identify potential policy and regulatory “barriers” to successful and sustainable small business development/re-development in smaller commercial areas of the city.
    • Explore the identification of a designated historical street where the future compilation of historical housing models could be collected for adaptive re-use or interpretive purposes.
    Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Provide recommendations on potential changes to ordinances that are in potential conflict with each other.
    • Conduct review of challenges for past several years and determine if modifications to city ordinances are advised.
    • Focus can also be on policy and regulatory barriers to sustainable and successful small businesses.
    • Meet with the Council.
    Youth Advisory Board
    • Coordinate youth awareness of safety through informational programs with schoolsProvide annual report to Council.
    • Determine feasibility of “jobs fair” for ORHS students for municipal jobs.
    Industrial Development Board
    • Conduct annual confirmations of corporations receiving abatements to ensure compliance with jobs creation and real investment terms.
    • Provide an annual report to the City Council
    • Complete master plan and estimating of completion costs for Horizon center.
    • Coordinate agreement for support services with Oak Ridge Partnership.
    • Develop a TIF policy with the City Manager’s office.