POSTED: january 8, 2021

This document describes the 2021 State legislative and policy agenda adopted by the elected officials of the City of Oak Ridge.  Described herein are key projects, policies, and priorities that the City urges the Tennessee General Assembly to support.  Other issues may arise that require separate action by City Council. Click here to view the final resolution.

(1) Continue funding and support for the proposed general aviation airport in Oak Ridge.

(2) Request that the Tennessee Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR) work with affected cities to review and recommend reforms to the state’s grant management requirements.

(3) Reform emergency authorities granted to municipal governments so that city officials can make decisions they deem necessary to promote the health and safety of their communities. Such reform should include authority to determine when to hold electronic meetings, and to issue public meeting notices electronically.

(4) Support funding for the Edgemoor Road construction project, and work with City officials on final designs to incorporate pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

(5) Ensure Oak Ridge’s participation in TDEC decisions related to federal facilities in Oak Ridge.

(6) Review myriad sales tax exemptions and sunset those which are outdated. Legislative action is especially critical now to help local governments maintain Pre-K-12 education and other essential services.

(7) Oppose legislation that includes local preemption; require local opt-in/opt-out choice on legislative initiatives, such as the new law authorizing prohibition of smoking on public playgrounds.

(8) Oppose legislation that forces local governments to take on unfunded mandates/fiscal liabilities.

(9) Oppose school voucher programs and urge the General Assembly to limit implementation until impacts are systematically examined and mitigated.