Oak Ridge City Blueprint Feedback

February 22, 2017

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new: The City Blueprint project has reached the midpoint. Visit the updated informational page here.

The last year has been an exciting period in Oak Ridge. New commercial buildings are being constructed in the City Center, improvements in our parks and trails are on the horizon and the National Historic Park is beginning to take shape.

The Oak Ridge Planning Commission, with input from other boards, commissions and City leaders, decided it is time to begin crafting an updated long-range development plan, or “City Blueprint,” which would provide guidance in future growth and decisions.

During the creation of this guiding document, it will be vital to receive input on its focus and content from the people of Oak Ridge. To begin the process, a City Blueprint Kick-Off Meeting was held on Thursday, January 26, 2017, at High Places Church in Historic Grove Center. All members of the community were invited and asked for feedback on what Oak Ridge is doing right, city services that can be done better and new innovative ideas that can be implemented.

The information provided is still being analyzed and consolidated, but the links at the top of this page will allow everyone to examine the list of responses we received from our comment cards, as well as prepared responses and proposals that were turned in during the meeting. We've also crunched some of the data and created an easy to read infographic. Again, there are links to all of that at the top of this page. Please note that the "Card Responses" and "Submitted Proposals" links include raw data and some names have been redacted to protect the privacy of those individuals.

Additional meetings will be held this year as we isolate the top priorities in our community and request even more feedback about potential projects and other changes or upgrades. All this information will be fed directly into documents which will form the new Oak Ridge City Blueprint.

Click here to view subarea plans, meeting dates and open house comments

For more information, contact the City’s Community Development office by phone at (865) 425-3531 or visit the planning website.