Waste Connections Suspends Glass Recycling

December 22, 2016

Waste Connections of Tennessee has announced that beginning January 1, 2017, they will suspend glass recycling for their curbside pickup program in an effort to remain “dedicated to maintaining a healthy and strong recycling program for all residents.”

Doug McGill, Municipal Marketing Manager for Waste Connections, Inc., explained in a recent letter to City officials that “markets for recyclable materials ebb and flow, and changes in glass markets have made this change in service necessary. By removing glass from curbside collection, we will preserve the overall integrity of our recycling program.”

Mr. McGill went on to say that the processor of recyclables in Knoxville will stop accepting single-stream recycling glass after the first of the year, as will most processing companies across the country. “The reason for this is twofold,” Mr. McGill explained. “Their equipment is being highly damaged by broken glass and comingled with colored glass, which has no market anymore. This is not a local issue – it is part of a national trend due to the regional nature of glass markets and related costs.”

It’s important to note that all other recyclable material will still be collected in the same way; there will be no additional changes to this service. The change announced in the letter is strictly limited to glass.

Mr. McGill is assuring customers that everyone at Waste Connections understands this will be more of an ongoing process than a defined cutoff. He says they will work to make this a smooth transition. Residential notifications of the change are expected to begin in January and February.

We appreciate the community’s cooperation with this update to the program. For additional information, you can contact Waste Connections of Tennessee at (865) 482-3656 or visit www.WasteConnectionsTN.com.