On October 26, 2014 the Oak Ridge Police responded to the SunTrust Bank at 1188 Oak Ridge Turnpike to investigate a suspicious device that was found by a customer on the ATM machine. Police believe that the device found was a debit/credit card “Skimmer.”  The investigation is currently ongoing.  Detectives are currently working with SunTrust to determine if any debit/credit cards have been compromised.  A “Skimmer” is a small device that is usually placed over the card slot of ATMs and gas pumps to steal debit/card information.  “Skimmers” are sometimes accompanied by small cameras or key pad covers to steal pins numbers associated with the cards.  The Oak Ridge Police Department encourages citizens to reports any suspicious activity around ATM machines and gas pumps to (865)425-4399.  Dial 911 if it is an emergency.  Citizens may also find more information on the department’s Facebook page or on the U.S. Secret Service website.