City crews will be handing out notices of damaged sewer lateral clean-out assemblies found as a result of smoke testing sewer lines.  Sewer laterals are the responsibility of the property owner and broken or missing clean-out assemblies can allow unwanted water and/or debris into the sewer system that can cause sewer stop-ups and overflows in private lines, as well as, the City’s main sewer lines.  Damaged clean-out assemblies are also a violation of the Sewer Use Ordinance.

As City crews find damaged clean-outs, they will mark them with green flags, place door hanger notices and notify the Code Enforcement Division.  An employee of Code Enforcement will follow up in a few days to verify repairs have been made or will be made.

The City appreciates the public’s patience and cooperation with the sewer repairs.  Questions concerning repairs to private laterals can be directed to the City of Oak Ridge Plumbing Inspector, Arnold Blackwell with the Code Enforcement Division at 425-3583.