City of Oak Ridge Releases Schedule for Citywide Leaf Pickup

The citywide leaf pickup program will begin Monday, November 21, 2011. City
collection efforts will follow the accompanying schedule as closely as possible. The proposed schedule is
a general guide and can vary considerably from the actual schedule due to the amount of leaves and
weather conditions.

Residents have always been very cooperative and we ask for their continued cooperation this year by
following a few guidelines:

· Residents should place their leaves near, but not beyond the curb. Leaves are not to be placed
in the street due to possible clogging of storm drains and posing a traffic hazard. Hazards so
created will be removed by the City at the resident's expense.

· Leaves should be free of tree branches and twigs as these can cause the leaf vacuums to clog.
Because of their impact on production, leaf piles found to contain these items will not be picked

· All leaves must be placed outside fenced areas. Leaves in plastic bags will also be picked up at
the curb during the scheduled program.

· Only leaves will be collected during this fall's program. Citizens are reminded that the citywide
household trash and brush pickup will be scheduled in April or May of next year.
The leaf pickup schedule can also be found on the City’s website
For more information contact: Waste Connections of Tennessee at 482-3656.
News media contact: Amy Fitzgerald (865) 425-3554 or

1st Week

Monday, Nov. 21 Rarity Ridge, West Southwood Lane, East Southwood Lane, Sweetgum Lane,
Shagbark Lane, Country Club Estates, Greenview, Whippoorwill Drive, Westview
Lane, Weldon Lane, Wesley Lane, Winston Lane, William Lane, Wildcat Lane,
Winchester Circle, Wisconsin Avenue

Tuesday, Nov. 22 West Outer Drive from Nebraska Avenue to dead end, Wimberly Lane, Windgate
Road, Westwind Drive, Windsong Lane, Oklahoma Avenue, Westover Drive,
Wildwood Drive, Mason Lane

Wednesday, Nov. 23 Nebraska Avenue, Newridge Road, Newell Lane, Normandy Road, Norway
Lane, Newton Lane, Newcrest Lane, Naples Lane, Newhaven Road, Netherland
Road, Newark Lane, Neville Lane, Newcastle Lane, Newport Drive, Newhope
Lane, Nathan Lane, New Bedford Lane, Nantucket Way

Thursday, Nov. 24 Holiday

Friday, Nov. 25 West Outer Drive from Nebraska Avenue to Morningside Drive, Walton Lane,
Wendover Circle, Wilderness Lane, Woodridge Lane, Willow Lane

2nd Week

Monday, Nov. 28 Montana Avenue, West Melbourne Road, Mockingbird Lane, Maltese Lane,
Mallard Lane, Meadowlark Lane, Macaw Lane, Maywood Road, Macon Lane,
East Melbourne Road, Monticello Road, Moss Road, Miramar Circle, Mohawk
Road, Jackson Crossing

Tuesday, Nov. 29 Robertsville Road from East Melbourne Road to Mississippi Avenue, Bradley
Avenue, West Bryn Mawr Circle, East Bryn Mawr Circle, Beverly Circle, Butler
Road, Byron Lane, Bermuda Road, Briar Road, Bunker Lane, Rand Circle,
Wiltshire Estates

Wednesday, Nov. 30 Windham Road, Windhaven Lane, Moore Lane, Montclair Road, Montreal Lane,
Monaco Lane, Middlebury Road, Morgan Road, Morningside Drive, Mississippi

Thursday, Dec. 1 West Outer Drive from Morningside Drive to Louisiana Avenue, Robertsville
Road from Jefferson Avenue to Mississippi Avenue, Salem Road, Scott Lane,
Sanford Lane, South Seneca Road, North Seneca Road, Sequoia Lane,
Sheridan Circle, Sheridan Place, Stanton Lane, Seymour Lane, Lindale Lane,
Lind Place, Lynwood Lane, West Lincoln Road, Louisiana Avenue, Lawrence
Lane, Lewis Lane, Lehigh Lane

Friday, Dec. 2 Lasalle Road, Locust Lane, Livingston Road, Loyola Lane, Revere Circle, Regent
Circle, Jefferson Avenue, Jonathan Place, Jonathan Lane, East Judd Lane, West
Judd Lane, Johnson Road, Jarrett Lane, Jasper Lane, Jay Lane, Jersey Lane,
Jellico Lane, Lawton Road, Lancaster Road, South Lansing Road, North Lincoln
Circle, East Lincoln Road, South Jefferson Circle, North Jefferson Circle, Latimer
Road, Jefferson Court

3rd Week

Monday, Dec. 5 West Outer Drive from Louisiana Avenue to North Illinois Avenue, Wellington
Circle, Wayside Road, Wayne Place, Wayne Road, Washburn Circle, North
Illinois Avenue, Iroquois Road, Ithaca Lane, West Irving Lane, East Irving Lane,
Iona Circle, Independence Lane, Indian Place, Indian Lane, Robertsville Road
from North Illinois Avenue to Jefferson Avenue, Royce Circle

Tuesday, Dec. 6 Robertsville Road from Oak Ridge Turnpike to N. Illinois Avenue, Raleigh Road,
Robin Lane, Iris Circle, Inca Circle, Ivanhoe Road, Hillside Road, North Hickory
Lane, South Hickory Lane, Hickory Place, Henley Road, Henley Place,
Henderson Lane, Highland Avenue, East Holston Lane, West Holston Lane,
Howard Lane, Hollywood Circle, Hoyt Lane, Hamilton Circle, Hunter Circle,
Hunter Place, East Hutchinson Circle, West Hutchinson Circle, Hutchinson
Place, Hubbell Place

Wednesday, Dec. 7 West Outer Drive from North Illinois Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue, Warwick
Lane, Ivy Lane, Warrior Circle, Warrior Lane, Waltham Lane, Waltham Place,
Walsh Lane, Walpole Lane, Walnut Lane, Wadsworth Circle, Wadsworth Place,
Wakeman Lane, Wakefield Road, Wainwright Road, North Walker Lane, South
Walker Lane, Wabash Lane, Waddell Circle, Waddell Place, Wade Lane,
Wedgewood Road, Westlook Circle, Westoverlook Drive, Westlook Drive

Thursday, Dec. 8 Outer Drive from Pennsylvania Avenue to Michigan Avenue, Oxford Road,
Osage Road, Providence Road, Pennsylvania Avenue from Providence Road to
Outer Drive, Pleasant Road, Plymouth Circle, Pomona Road, West Price Lane,
East Price Road, Powell Road, Porter Road, Union Road, Pocono Lane, Pine
Lane, East Pawley Lane, West Pawley Road, East Passmore Lane, West
Passmore Road, Pearl Road, Pelham Road, Peach Road, Poplar Road, Pickwick

Friday, Dec. 9 Pennsylvania Avenue from New York Avenue to Providence Road, Vermont
Avenue, Valetta Lane, West Vance Road, Vassar Road, Venus Road, Verbena
Road, Vernon Road, Victoria Road, Viking Road, Vienna Road, Viola Road, Vista
Road, Pacific Road, Packer Road, Palmetto Lane, Paoli Lane, Palmer Road,
East Pasadena Road, Panama Road, Pallas Road, Parma Road, Parker Road,
North Tulane Avenue, West Pasadena Lane

4th Week

Monday, Dec. 12
New York Avenue, Norwood Lane, Norris Lane, Norman Lane, Nolan Road,
Nixon Road, East Newkirk Lane, West Newkirk Lane, East Newcomb Road,
West Newcomb Road, Nesper Road, Tennessee Avenue from New York Avenue
to Georgia Avenue, Utah Avenue, Uvalde Lane, Upsal Road, Ulysses Lane,
Umbria Lane, Ulena Lane, Underwood Road, Norton Road

Tuesday, Dec. 13 Orchard Circle, Orchard Lane, Orkney Road, Michigan Avenue, Moylan Lane,
Milton Lane, Mayfair Lane, Meadow Road, Mead Lane, Maple Lane, Marion
Road, East Malta Road, Malvern Road, West Malta Road, East Maiden Lane,
West Maiden Lane, West Magnolia Lane, East Magnolia Lane, West Madison
Lane, East Madison Road

Wednesday, Dec. 14 Outer Drive from Florida Avenue to Michigan Avenue, Oneida Lane, Ontario
Lane, Orange Lane, Kentucky Avenue, Kelvin Lane, Kenwyn Road, Keystone
Lane, Kimball Lane, Kingsley Road, Kingfisher Lane, Georgia Avenue, East
Geneva Lane, West Geneva Lane, Glendale Lane, Gorgas Lane, Gordon Road

Thursday, Dec. 15 Florida Avenue, East Fairview Road, West Fairview Road, East Farragut Road,
West Farragut Road, East Faunce Lane, West Faunce Road, East Fernhill Lane,
West Fernhill Road, Firestone Road, East Forest Road, West Forest Lane,
Fulton Lane, Tyson Road, Turner Road, Tucker Road

Friday, Dec. 16 Outer Drive from Florida Avenue to Delaware Avenue, Ogontz Lane, Olean Lane,
Olmstead Lane, Olney Lane, Dallas Lane, East Dalton Road, West Dalton Road,
East Damascus Road, West Damascus Road, Darwin Lane, Darwin Road,
Decatur Road, Delaware Avenue, Delmar Circle, Devon Lane, Dewey Road,
Disston Road, Ditman Lane, Dixie Lane

5th Week

Monday, Dec. 19 East Tennessee Avenue from California Avenue to Georgia Avenue, Tabor
Road, Tacoma Road, North Tampa Lane, South Tampa Lane, Taylor Road,
Temple Road, Thayer Lane, Thelma Road, Thornton Road, Tilden Road,
Townsend Road, Tomlinson Road, Trevose Lane

Tuesday, Dec. 20
California Avenue, Cahill Lane, Carlisle Lane, Cedar Lane, Cedar Road,
Chatham Lane, Clarion Road, Outer Drive from East Drive to Delaware Avenue,
Oak Lane, Ogden Lane, Ogden Circle, Oglethorpe Place

Wednesday, Dec. 21 North Alabama Road, South Alabama Road, Albany Road, Alder Lane, Alger
Road, Alhambra Road, Amherst Lane, Andover Circle, West Arrowwood Road,
East Arrowwood Road, Ashland Lane, Atlanta Road, Arizona Road, Arkansas
Avenue, Aspen Lane, Athens Road, Audubon Road

Thursday, Dec. 22 East Drive from Outer Drive to Endicott Lane, Enfield Lane, Englewood Lane,
Essex Lane, Euclid Circle, Euclid Place, Evans Lane, Everest Circle, Reel
Heights & Tanglewood Subdivision

Friday, Dec. 23 East Drive from Endicott Lane to Athens Road, Eastburn Lane, Eaton Lane,
Edgehill Lane, Edison Lane, Elliott Circle, Emerson Circle, Emerson Place

6th Week

Monday, Dec. 26 Emory Valley Subdivision including and west of Caldwell Drive, Emory Heights

Tuesday, Dec. 27 Emory Valley Subdivision east of Caldwell Drive, Amanda Drive, Amanda Place,
Adelphi Road, Albion Road, Albright Road, Antioch Drive, Artesia Drive, Asbury
Lane, Bay Path Drive, Beechwood Court, Belle Creek Drive, Blue Mountain
Court, Bridgewater Lane, Stonebridge Way, Rivers Run Subdivision, Park Mead
Drive, Center Park Lane, Marywater Lane, Marywood Court, Riverview Drive,
Rivers Court, Palisades Parkway, Presidential Drive, Patriot Lane, Pinnacle Way

Wednesday, Dec. 28 Briarcliff Subdivision

Thursday, Dec. 29 Hendrix Creek Subdivision, Eastridge Drive, English Court, Esquire Court
Friday, Dec. 30 Goucher Circle, Manhattan Avenue from North Purdue Avenue to Manchester
Road, Manchester Road, Marietta Circle, Marquette Road, Maryville Circle, North
Purdue Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to Marquette Road, Willow Place,
Liberty Court, Graham Place

7th Week

Monday, Jan. 2 West Gettysburg Avenue, Marshall Circle, Nevada Circle, Newberry Circle,
Niagara Lane, Northwestern Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to North Purdue
Avenue, Parsons Road, Piedmont Road, North Purdue Avenue from Manhattan
Avenue to Manhattan Avenue

Tuesday, Jan. 3 Manhattan Avenue from Rutgers Avenue to Manchester Road, Morris Lane,
Nasson Lane, Northwestern Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to South Purdue
Avenue, Paine Lane, Paris Lane, Park Lane, Pembroke Road, Phillips Lane,
Potomac Circle, Pratt Lane, Princeton Avenue, South Purdue Avenue, Queens
Road, Quincy Avenue

Wednesday, Jan. 4 Valparaiso Road, East Vanderbilt Drive, West Vanderbilt Drive, Villanova Road,
Virginia Road, Scarboro Community, Burnham Woods Subdivision